Broker Opinion of Value

The Kauai real estate market is back and firing on all cylinders: demand is high, interest rates are low, property values are up, total sales volume is on track to increase for the 6th straight year, and sellers are starting to realize sale prices near (and in some cases above) levels achieved in the mid-2000’s.

Do you know what your property is worth in today’s market? Might 2016 be the right time for you to sell?

Having valued and advised upon more than $6.7 Billion worth of real estate for hundreds of clients, all across the U.S., I now leverage that knowledge and experience to provide the property owners of Kauai with some of the most comprehensive valuations and insightful, unbiased real estate advice available anywhere.

Request a free personalized assessment and formal Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) Report for your Kauai property, and make more informed sale decisions for yourself.

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