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Uber Transportation Service Now Available on Kauai

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Koloa KauaiThe Garden Island Newspaper reports that Uber launched its first trip on Kauai on March 10, 2017.  The base fair for an Uber ride on Kauai will be $2, and the cost per mile will be $1.50.  Riders will see their quoted price when they enter the pickup and dropoff points in the app, so they will know exactly how much they will pay before the trip starts.

Spokesperson for Uber, Taylor Patterson, said, “We’ve always had our eyes set on Kauai, but we wanted to make sure business was good there before coming to the island.  We want to make transportation as reliable as running water.”

The company explains that they do no wish to take the place of other services, like The Kauai Bus or taxi companies. Rather, it wants to provide another transportation option, Patterson said.

“If implemented well, I think that Uber could provide the community with more affordable transportation options that are not currently offered on Kauai, especially for less-populated, remote areas of the island,” Patterson said. “Of course, all county and state laws will have to be followed as well.”

The full article in The Garden Island Newspaper can be read here:

“Uber Brings Service to Kauai”


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