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slider2Yet another major national publication has released an article featuring Kauai.  Two weeks ago the Travel section of Vogue Magazine ran an article titled, “Why Hanalei is the Hippest Town in Kauai.”  As the very first line in the article states, it is now very safe to say that Hanalei is officially on the map.

The article highlights five specific reasons why Hanalei is so “hip,” and provides background information and details for each. The five reasons include:

  1. There’s a Seriously Delicious Food Truck Scene
  2. You Won’t Find Big Name Brands or Chains
  3. Farm to Table is Religion
  4. Wild Beauty Surrounds Town
  5. Hanalei is Refreshingly Resort-Free

The full article can be read by clicking the following link:

Why Hanalei is the Hippest Town in Kauai